Information Updates

Tan has succeeded in admission to PhD course and will be a 1st year student in April, 2018.

Macdonald has got Visiting Lecturer position at IRCMS and continued collaboration works with us.

Francis has become IRCMS postdoctral fellow and continued his research with us. Congratulations again.

15/Dec/2017 Francis has got PhD degree

Francis has successfully got PhD degree. Congratulations!

Macdonald has been back to Tanzania and become Lecturer at St. Francis University.

2017/05/10 Keystone Symposia 2017

IMG_1046.JPGDr.Ueno and Ms.Toyoda presented their latest study at

Keystone Symposia 2017(Modeling Viral Infections and Immunity)

which was held in Colorado(USA)

from 1st May to 4th may,2017.


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Ms.Shekha Alinisi joinded our lab as an internship student.

She is the 4th student from Tanzania.

She stays Japan from 17th January until 21st February.

Welcome Shekha!




Dr.Ueno presented his recent research at

the 30th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research

which held in Kagoshima Prefecture.



Mr.George Peter Judicate Ndossi, a doctuial student of MUHAS(Tanzania)P1030588.JPG

stayed with us for the internship program from 3rd September to 4th November.

We have got a big impression with his enthusiasm for the research.

We hope that this experience open his promising future.




Dr.Ueno presented his recent work at the 17th AIDS ceminor

which was held from October 31 to November 2,2016.

Other lab member partecipated in the poster presentation.


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